All right i am now absoultely frustrated wi…

 All right i am now absoultely frustrated with this livejournal..
I just wrote one entry..and suddenly its gone..i dont know why..
Oh well thanks! 

Tomorrow then i shall continue about the shanghai thingy.

I think we need to reflect on our own sometimes right..we need to quiet ourselves down and think through what we had done in the past few days..
This is especially so for those who are going through tough times..
Everyone needs to reflect, not only adults but we teenagers too..
Most of the time i reflect..and of course when i was alone…indeed which i does..most of the time..
And what do i reflect on…??
I always reflect on my own weakness like why i cant be like others who express themselves freely without any hindrance?
Why cant i make friends easily like others?
Why my confidence will only arise when i am alone and not with others..
All these questions all point to one thing-friendship.
I am a quiet and confident person on the outside..
But on the inside..i am almost the opposite..i got that burning confidence in me that i want to express out..
I can speak well..but the problem is will only happen when i am alone or with people that i am familar with..
I want to join in games..and sports..but dont have that courage..
I want to be a leader..but i am afraid of other people’s comments..
I want my class to be united and there is no spirit..that is what i like//
I want my cca to perform well and i am good at encouraging others…but i am not daring enough to try out..
So you see..there are barriers that i have to overcome..
And i am fighting against it for years and years..and i am still fighting it even today..
I am trying to be more open..more friendly..trying to use better words..
I really want to get myself out of this circle..
My classmates see that i am quite chatty..but that will happen if there are class discussions..
Otherwise i will become really quiet..i simply had nothing to talk about..
I am not like them who can hang out all the time..
I got to go home and study..
Oh well i simply hate this problem of being unable to relate to i wish someone will just help out a bit..
Get me involved in more acitivites that can bring out the real me..


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  1. Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 06:17:02



  2. fuunylala
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 07:08:31

    May i know who are you??


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