Hi!Last night i went for my ALG meeting and…


Last night i went for my ALG meeting and it was great! I love it! But the next meeting in on 27th june..haiya..
I am going to continue my 3rd day in shanghai and that day was my worst day..my mood totally sucks.. All because of me? You shall see..

3rd day in shanghai( worst day of my life)
Like i had mentioned in my previous post, i have to wake up very early..at 5.30am.
But to me its not really early..because i always have to wake up this time to prepare to go to school.
But instead of what we had earlier planned, we woke up at 5am.
Reason being..we had a bad sleep..
My sister..whenever she is sleeping..she will kick around and moove also..that i will be affected..
And then i got to push her back to her place as i myself had not much space left//
So almost the whole night before that morning, i had to wake up several times to push her back.
When i woke up, i thought i was late because the weather is bright..until i thought it was 8am.
I was a bit surprised when i found out its actually 5am.
Pack my things..ate cup noodles and soon we were down to my dad’s room.
Auntie winnie was a bit surprised when she found out that we were ready because there is still time.
After waiting for a while for my dad and auntie to get ready..we were ready to set off…we took our small bags//
We went downstairs first..without my auntie and my dad because suddenly my dad need to go to the toliet..
So during that time, my grandmother ask me whether we want to take a photo of the entrance to our hotel a not so that we can show other people when we are back in singapore..
My sister and i agreed and i took out my handphone and we took photos..
It was almost done when my dad and auntie reached downstairs..
Went into the hotel lobby and waited for my dad to check out our room..
From there..we took a taxi( which my dad called) to go to the train station..
Along the way i was really tired..almost falling asleep..kept on blinking my eyes to keep myself awake because i dont like to sleep in front of anyone..
Finally after what it seem like an eternity..we reached there..
Went to find our waiting area..but before that we had to go through a security check on our belongings..
So when we can get our bags..my grandmother rushed to take it..i was a bit angry because in a rush she also push people
Her reason was that she was scared that other people might take away our things..
Sat at our waiting area..and wait…
After a few minutes…the speaker announced that we can go in..
But some people was too impatient and got in first..resulting in a scolding by one of the officers..
After we went in,we were finding our seats..
Our seats were seperated so i sat with a stranger..but thanks to some people..i sat with my sister instead..
Soon the train starts moving..
During that trip to Hangzhou in the train..i slept..
Finally we reached there..and my auntie wanted to take a photo of that train so she took..
After that we went down to the entrance area..but along the way..my dad saw a bronchure about going to places with a tour guide and the price was cheap so he bought it..
Let me first tell you that i hate tour guides..they walk and talk so fast..i prefer touring alone..
But i couldnt disobey my dad so we went..
All the places that we went were boring..its about nature..and i bet my whole class prefers to sleep instead..
In one of the places..the tour guide let us take a break and so my sister bought a small bowl of what i dont know..
For me i dont really like to try new things..so i dont want to eat..
My grandmother asked me whether i want to eat a not..i said i dont want..
And when she asked the second time, i was a bit unhappy and reply the same answer..
My auntie heard it and she was pretty offended and started scolding me..oh well i was also quite bad..too
I also got talk back..my reason may be one of the rebellious types..
Reason is when she scold..can..but if she keep on adding on after scolding..that i cannot accept it..
Because she scolds me in public..i dont wish to be embarassed..i hate it so does everyone..
My dad was not around when she scold so when he came back he asked about it..
And she tell him..he just shook his head and say that i should know what i should do and not need him to repeat..
Then my auntie continued adding some more unkind words..in the end i say back to her saying’ Can you just keep quiet a not?’
She say she cant and continued..in the end i talk back some more..and she said that she can have the authority to leave me in shanghai..
I was very angry..this is called threatening! So I just said that i dont care..seriously/ i hate people who threaten!
So what if she is my auntie..she has no right to threaten..abusing her authority! And she ask me to watch out..
I dont care them after that except for my sister..i didnt stay near them..i walk on my own..
Later on when my sister joined me..my auntie warned her saying that if she get lost..its not their problem!
I just reassured my sister saying that we wont be lost no matter what.
I simply just dont care her words at all!
I hate to act this way..i was really hurt at that time..i just never showed it..
I ask my dad not to use scolding as threatening anymore and he ask me to behave myself first..
Adults hate to be corrected..so if that is the case then they shouldnt be threatening!
Abusing their authority..what is their motive? trying to instill fear in us is it??
Oh well for the rest of the day..i kept much to myself..
Ate dinner at macdonald and went back to the hotel..
The hotel room was small..a lot of things had to pay so we just went to sleep after bathing..

i shall end here


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