Hi again..Actually i should be studying now..but …

Hi again..

Actually i should be studying now..but i woke up late..so haha
OKay now i am going to write about my second day in shanghai..but firstly before that my mother had given birth to another baby!
This baby is called Nicole and that means i got three younger sisters now! Haha! She was born on the 9th June..
Ok ok lets start//
2nd day in shanghai
Woke up at around 7plus…saw my younger sister watching television..
She usually wake up earlier than me ..except for school days..when i wake up earlier than her..
Brush my teeth..then ate breakfast which was the bread that i bought the day before..
Usually i drank milo for breakfast so i also drank but its not nice..
After eating my breakfast, watch television…until my grandmother say that we should study..
I was super bored…read and read my science textbook..read till finish also still have to read again..
Cause my dad was working in the morning so we can only go out in the afternoon..

Soon, my dad came back..and we went out..
We went to a chinese temple..not really but the area around it because there is a lot of shops..
Its like chinatown..
Ate lunch at a chinese restraunt( spelled wrongly) ..the food was nice…
Just at that time i was tired..dont know why and i got into a bad mood.. not that i want. I was still hungry when we left and i just say it out.. i am a straightforward person.. so my dad wa a bit offended and told me sternly that he dont owe me anything. I never say that.

Usually after my dad scolded me, i will dont care him for a while to let my anger cool down. I dont know whether its right or wrong but i just got to let my anger cool down. So i did just that after lunch, slowly following behind them. When they visit a shop, i simply just dont have the mood and will just stand at the entrance of the shop, waiting. But after a while, when we visited a shop that sells shoes, my dad approached me and ask me to look around. By that time i was not angry and i just looked around…

I was thinking of buying a pair of sports shoes..so after looking through a few shops..i found one that i liked and bought it. We continued touring around until we were extremely tired. So we went to a nearby cafe and sat there..resting. I ordered a chocolate cake and a coke. Chocolate is always my favourite since young. While resting, my dad announced that we will be going to Hangzhou the next day and we have to wake up early to catch the train. This is especially so for my sister, grandmother and me because we will have to move our belongings down to my dad’s room so that we can check out our room. But we are only going Hangzhou for a day and will be coming back the day after tomorrow so i ask my dad. He told me that we can save money by checking out and checking in again when we come back. Oh well i juat kept quiet. After resting, we tour around again, this time i bought a pair of jeans. By the time we finished, its time for dinner. And we went to another chinese restruant. The food over there was not so nice as compared to lunch. After dinner, we took a cab back to our hotel. After reaching there, we went back into our rooms, bathed  and slept early.

Ok i shall continue tomorrow..hope that i can still remember..


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