Hi! Im back……………………………..

 Hi! Im back……………………………………………………..oh well i got to be back..got to go to school!
Not now but soon and very soon!

If you were to ask me how is my trip to shanghai..i would just say that its full of ups and downs
Let me start my life on the 1st day going to shanghai
1st day:

Woke up at about 8am..was feeling nervous//
Cause it has been 2 years since i ever sat on a airplane..the last time i went to Hong Kong..
My sister was also well defintely more excited..and she started turning hyper
After doing the things that everyone should be doing when they are awake..i started using the computer..
Its seems like computer is part of my life for 1 hour everyday..hahas

After that ate breakfast..the breakfast was nice..its rice with tomato sauce..i not sure..got to ask my maid..hahha. Then read newspaper..lalala..read and read. Then suddenly auntie winnie( stepmum) came out of her room and remind us to bring some textbooks also.. i was a bit angry because we are going there for a holiday and a holiday is like a time where we can enjoy. And now i still have to bring all these for studying?? I didnt immediately go to my room and take my textbooks cause its quite early . But auntie winnie was impatient and started scolding me. That spoils my whole mood. I went to take my science textbook..quite interesting and put inside my bag.
Soon later my grandfather came and a while later, he drove us to the airport. Drop us there and he drove off..
We went in and wait for my grandmother( auntie winnie’s mum) and soon she arrived with her husband, youngest son and second daughter.. 
Once they arrived, we went in to check in our luggage..and then went to macdonald..
Ate a bit then soon we waved goodbye to them
Once we went in..took some sweets and immediately go to our waiting area due to time..
Soon they announced and we went in to the airplane..find our seats and sat down..
Then later the airplane took off..
During the flight.i watched 2 movies..quite funny
4 hours later, we reached shanghai..the airport was big.
Get our luggage and we took a taxi to the hotel..

Its already evening by the time we reached there..and that is the place where i met my dad..
He was there earlier due to business trip and upon seeing him..my sister hug him.
My sister is more of the expressive type while i am the oppposite.
Went into his room and its a apartment room! This is my first time so i was very happy
My dad and auntie went to check in for another room for my grandmother, sister and i
So while they were doing that..we were resting and chatting..
Soon they arrived and we went to our room but then we cannot go in because of the door problem and instead we go to another room..and its much bigger than my dad’s room//
Couldnt rest because we still havent had our dinner and we went out..
Took a taxi and went to the shopping area..its was nice and was crowded
Ate dinner at a japanese shop..food was nice//
Later we went into a supermarket..it was spacious ..very nice
Bought some food. 
Later on we went into a shop that sells many types of bread..
While looking around for one which would be my breakfast for the following day..i spotted some errors in english
Like Chocolate powder becoming chocolate power!
After that we went back to the hotel..in a taxi which we took so long to find..

Okay i shall stop here..


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