HiActually i didnt want to blog cause these…


Actually i didnt want to blog cause these few days i was very tired..
Have to wake up early to go for CCA..
And by today i had managed to get a grip on the song..
Which was difficult and thanks to my friends..i can learn well..:)
Tomorrow i will be going for shanghai..
It has been a year since i last went  for a holiday..so right now i am feeling nervous and excited..
So dont sms me..from the 5th to the 11th..don waste it..
Cause i will not be replying..
Now as you all know that i have to study at time intervals..
But theone things that really made me irriated is that i simply dont know what to study!
Read books..revise textbooks..all these things i know..but what subject?
Got to really plan out for myself especially after the holidays!
School will reopen in three weeks time..think so
And i will learn new subjects which are not really new cause i learn them last year
And they are D&T and Geography..
Oh man! I tell you that i am not the type for D&T. defintely 
I managed to just pass becuase of luck..
Oh well i hope this year will be better 
Gepgraphy is fine but got lads of things to memorize..must really stretch myself..
Will stop here..and enjoy your holidays


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