Good afternoon…! better than saying hi ha…

 Good afternoon…! better than saying hi haha

Recently i had been going back to school for my cca..
And well i am improving!

And also next thursday i shall be going to shanghai for my has been a long long long time since i went overseas..
From the 5th to the 11th of june..
But sadly i shall have to stay at home after that everyday till school reopens..
Now due to my Sa1 results i got to go back to the same study time table that my father had set..and seriously its very long
I got to study from 9am to 11.30am..2pm to 5pm…7.30pm to 9pm
Total number of hours that i had to study is 6 hours!
Seriously i dont know whether my home should be called a home or a place for study study 
A home is a place where you can relax..share time with your family..
But this is not happening in my house!
The most common word that comes to my mind when i am at home is the word study!
6 hours..what can i do except to study!
Seriously i got no mood for that..
Even saturday and sunday is the same……
Ya i know we students job is to study..but not till this extent right?
Like that not need to go to school already..just stay at home..
I prefer school than home..
I got a chance to play a bit and to express myself..not like home


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