Hi…Like what i had just mentioned in my p…


Like what i had just mentioned in my previous post..i went to library yesterday..
I was like so super tired after reaching there because i walked from my house to bedok library!
Its not that i want la..but i need to fetch my sis to the bedok stadium..and its quite near..
Then some more the stadium is quite near the library so just walk lor!
Spent about an hour in the library..enjoying the air-con and dont wish to go home yet..
After that i took bus home……
Oh well today i go to school for my cca..totally had no mood..
Because the song that we were practising was difficult..
But i talk to my friend so it kind of lighten up my mood..yeah
And i am happy that i will only be seeing miss huda tomorrow..because last minute got something on..
So i wont face much pressure!
All i have to do is to sit and hear and take and go..haha
Good luck to those who are going for the meeting tomorrow!


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