Hi..Yesterday night i watched the charity s…


Yesterday night i watched the charity show..it was so sad la….
Seeing actors and actress pleading people to donate..using their tears..its just so sad
I almost cried..i was thinking of singapore have earthquake..
Bye bye  singapore..
Anyway tomorrow i got cca…sia la……………..i am still pissed of with my guitar instructer..
And wednesday got the parents meeting session..OH NO!
Die liao..seriously ..my results are bad..terrible..
I would have to go back to the same study time as my sister..no more Freedom!
I must do well for the next exam……
This June holidays..i will be bored..after going to shanghai..
Everyday study..its not that i wanted..but its a punishment for me..
Got to accept it..
I will try to go to library as often as possible to make myself less bored//


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