Hi again..Recently i found out that people …

 Hi again..

Recently i found out that people actually read my blog..but for different reasons la..
Haha i know my blog is not really interesting..
Oh well things got better today..
I made up with shimin..well the person who spread gossip about me..
And things can finally end //problems
I had accepted Jlo apology….i dont hate him la..
Personally if you want to know..i dont hate anyone from my class…
I was upset was because of the insults and not them..the words that they used to mock me,,
I know there is peer pressure in my class..
Like trying to fit in with the popular..or make friends with them..
So that they wont be insulted..
I am not trying to fit in..i just want to have peace with everyone..
Today is seriously a very tiring day..got skating..frisbee
And then i didnt eat lunch because need to go for councelling..innovation day and guitar//so crammed
And i do hope that after this incident..it will not happen again..\
I didnt want to complain at first because i know how they will react if they found out..
But i know that if i didnt..things are going to get worse
The counciller say that i got a deduction mind..
That means i will try to think out of many possible solutions if i cannot figure out something..
And also i think 10 steps ahead of others..haha
Oh well..she say that i can be a speaker but i dont think so..way out for me1
Shall end here..i guess you all now know me much better


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