Actually i wanna blog yesterday but my fami…

 Actually i wanna blog yesterday but my family is at home..
I dont have that much privarcy..haha
Ok well yesterday as i had mentioned..i didnt go to church..
Reason being to celebrate a late late Mother’s Day
Woke up at 9 plus..quite late for me 
And my breakfast was noodles..but i should not have eaten it….i still ate it
Use computer to play games and soon we were off to marina square..
When we first reached there..we just walked around and look at some cars that they were promoting..
Then after that we go straight to eat lunch as everybody was there..
And it was around 11 plus when we you see it is barely 3 hours after my breakfast ..
We ate buffet..and i couldnt eat  a lot due to my breakfast..haiz
I dunno how long we were there but i was extremely bored as everyone was eating non-stop
I just dont know when they will end..they continued on like forever
So i was playing my handphone and listening to music..
Soon, after it seems like years and years.. we were finally out!
Our next arcade…i was quite happy at first
But my mood changed because i am going there to see other people pathetic
But thank God..i got money in my own wallet so i can use to play..
I went to play car racing..i love that!
Won my youngest uncle..haha and almost my dad
Actually i can win him lor..but then suddenly at the last minute he suddenly charged..and he win
That was a tough fight..haha
I also played other game machines..very fun
Soon we were out..and then halfway grandmother ask me whether want to make ear hole a not..
I was like a bit blurred..then finally i decided to..
Actually i have ear hole before but then i decided to close it..
And now open it again??
I went for it and my youngest uncle was like thinking that i am going to cry..but i didnt..haa
Ya it was a bit pain..but after a while its gone..after that
We went back to our first stop..the car exhibition//play around a bit
The cars were dad decided to buy one..
Halfway through we went Mcdonald to eat ice-cream ,..ok la
And by the time we were back..gurmit singh was there as the host..we sat very near him
There were games that he hosted..and one of them i went up..actually i didnt want
Its my youngest uncle who was pointing to me lor..then the host saw it and invited me
Haha the game was about i was like ok
Cause i am the memory type and i walk away with first prize
Actually i thought it will be the others..but they did a careless mistake so that is how i got first..haha
It was fun..after that we went home

This is a pretty long post and tomorrow i will be going back to school..and getting back my results
Hope that it will be ok for me.haha


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