Hi!Last night i had a conversation with my …


Last night i had a conversation with my church friend about my problems..he help me
Oh well looks like i had to slowly change..
Because i am always quite quiet..i got to slowly open up..
And due to that some o f my classmates does not know me that well and start to have a bad impression of me..
I can be a nice person..
I dont talk to a lot of friends becuase i simply had not topic to talk..
Nowdays they talk about clothes, games, almost things that i dont really know..
They also have outings..
But i wont compare myself to them cause it is very miserable…i will be myself!
There are a lot of major bad news that has been happening recently..
The death toll in china has risen to 22 000..if this amount happened to singapore
That will be a very very big blow…
Singapore only have about 4 million people..so its like super small compared to china
Just pray that there will be more survivors..
Oh well my classmates if you are reading this..let me tell you that i try to be more  friendly..
i know that it will be quite hard for you all to accept me but i still try..but i wont change myself totally


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