But i want to celebrate as well at the same…

 But i want to celebrate as well at the same time!


Now i am anxiously waiting for my results! Just the mere thought of getting my results will turn me crazy!
But then i would also be disappointed with some of my subjects because i know i did not revised well for it..
But oh well even though there are these FEW subjects that i am not really happy with..i am STILL CONFIDENT of the other subjects
Like History, Liiterature, English, Science..all these i did put in effort
So i hope that all my efforts wont come down to nothing..haha
Most likely the 1st in class will be JLO or YU Fa because they have studied..
But if i am to compare between the two..Yufa is better..he has a higher chance
His art is good..as well as all the other subjects and he love to ask questions..that gave him a better advantage
Not to say Jlo is not good..but it all comes down to work attiude..
He have studied at home but if he pay attention in class..he can win yufa..if he get 1st..he is considered lucky
People who usually get 1st in class are those who are hardworking at school and home
So these time the competition will be intense..as Jlo hate Yufa
I really wonder why must people hate each other..just because of their character?
Cant you just accept the for who they are? No point hating them..they will be like that forever
Try to accept them and soon you can see that there is some good things about them that is worth accepting..
It all comes down to whether you want a not..
Work at peace with everyone..no point hating them


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