Hi, Didnt blog yesterday as i had no mood……


Didnt blog yesterday as i had no mood….
I had a quarrel with my two friends..in the end  you should know the result…
I am now free from them..better..
Being with them gives me a lot of peer pressure..
I was actually quite upset but later on i cheer up because of jacqueline…we talk and talk
Today was my science exam..super easy..
Serious..it will be difficult if you never study la..but of you got….that is good
Tomorrow i left listening comphre..easy
Just use your ears..
Have you heard about the recent earthquake in china..i feel so sad for them
More then 10000 people died..most of them are young…
And then also just a few days earlier before the earthquake, another country was hit by a  cyclone,,,
These days a lot of sad things are happpening….
Oh well..
Next week i will be getting back my results…..this time will be worse then the ca1
I confirm fail home econs and maths
The rest i am confident that i can pass
But not for these two..maths because i last minute study..home econs not even once….so the results is expected
Ok i shall end here..bye!


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