Hi people!!Sorry i dont think you can under…

 Hi people!!

Sorry i dont think you can understand my previous post..haha cause i halfway need to go
Oh well simply i was complaining about my mediences……………i just hate it….!
Let me talk about today.lala woke up and go to school..
Reached school go and find shimin……
She was like giving me the cold shoulder until fatin comes…..i was concerned but not jealous…
I was wondering what is  she thinking…told fatin about it and she just kept quiet….
Soon Mr Nathan ask us to gather in the parade square..so i was like dragging my whole bag to my class..
Today is the heaviest day..really
Gathered in parade square..shimin suddenly said that she dont want to sit in front…
I was like ya so? so fatin sat in front while me in the middle with shimin at the back….
Talking to fatin throughout the whole time in the parade square..but soon i felt that i neglect shimin..
I told fatin about it and she said that it is shimin own problem that she dont want to talk…
But in my heart i sensed that sooner or later shimin is gonna be jealous because me and fatin kept talking
But then i also dont know what to talk..really!
So i just continued on talking to fatin
GO to class and I gave whatever i need to submit to miss huda
Science lesson..teacher never come in the end we just talk and talk..
History lesson also……
Recess…i dont feel like eating.but i still ate a bit
After recess we have to gather in the hall..like primary school..oh man!
Get back to class..and maths lesson..did some work
I dont really feel like explaining what i did throughout the day
Shimin and i have a small quarrel before art lesson-last lesson ..oh yeah she started it
And i apologise first…cause i know she will never apologise 
What the heck am i thinking?

There are some people in  my class that hate me……those people who look down
I just felt like slapping their face to wake them up and tell them that i am also a human!
No one have the right to look down on other people!
So what if you have more friends, more materials, acting cool….
If all these things were to disappear, you are just a human being! Get that right in your head
You were not born popular..it is because of what you have that makes you popular
So get that right in your head!


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