Hi people,Now i am currently having a fever…

 Hi people,

Now i am currently having a fever..and that is because i went out with someone who is sick..
Maybe i may not be going to school tomorrow..sad
Last friday..we got our new timetable..i just cant understand why must change..
Then what is even worse is that after recess we has to go to the hall for the teachers to fetch us..
Oh man i felt that i am a primary school kid once again..seriously 
After recess was history..should be the most interesting lesson..but well there is a test and i am bored..
Halfway through i almost fell into a deep sleep…but i still insist on staying awake..manage to complete it
After history was Mother tongue.. i dont know why but the teacher scolded us for every wrong thing we do..make me so irriated 
Finally the last lesson was literature..and i got a prize for answering a question..the prize is sweets..haha
We did some work and i suddenly turn cold..ask shimin to lend me her jacket but she didnt
In the end i kena fever//
But seriously i want to go to school tomorrow……i am ok that if i cannot play PE but i still want to go
Hope that the fever will be gone…….especially since tomorrw soomeone is going to come back..
Ok i shall end here


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