Sports day

Hi people,

Friday was sports day..i didnt expect it to come very fast but oh well..
I was in green house..but changed to yellow house to join fatin..and not to support..cause i am still supporting my house..
I know that some people dont like me to be in their group..but i heck care..they cannot control my life..seriously these people are immature..
Fatin and i sat down and we both started to cheer for  our groups..actually i was supposed to be in one of the races but i only said maybe so in the end,,other people join..towards the end my house win! 
I know that lots of people look down at my house but you see in the end my house win! Oh well like i said they are immature..
Anyway today i am not  going to church..seriously tired..1st time i dont want to go but later in the afternoon i am going library with a friend..
My dad will be back this coming tuesday..must get ready…to be scolded
Exam is coming in 2 weeks time and i got to start preparing…….gtg bye


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