HiI think i am going to say all that i need…


I think i am going to say all that i need out..cannot control it anymore..especially about guitar
In guitar..my sec 2 batch is quite ok..even though it is not that good..
Yes i agree the seniors were better than us when they were sec 2..but they shouldnt look down on us right?
And someone even said that we shouldnt get it..the new guitars
For goodness sake!..we have bought our own guitar for 1 year! every tuseday and thursday we bring our guitar to school!
Seriously last year when i herad about it..i felt like quitting but i didnt
The seniors were different..they already have the school guitars
When we finally get the school guitar..we were so happy! But it came to be a disappointment in the end when someone said we should not get it!
And they were gossiping..if you think we got problems..tell us straight and dont gossip@!
What is the point of gossiping u tell me?! It will not change anything! Use your brain!!
I dont look down on sec 1 so you seniors better dont look down on us…our skills
You should thank God..why? We still got interest in it..so you all better dont make us lose interest!
Ok stop here


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