Oh hi again i now at home…A few days ago …

 Oh hi again i now at home…

A few days ago i lost my ezlink card..i actually dont know how it happens..
The only thing that i can remember is that i indeed bought my card home..even if it is not..
I trace back all the way to the bus stop and found nothing..seriously
I told my grandparents and of course they lecture me..no choice..but i think i will make a new card on saturday

Tomorrow will be my practical test for home econs and i still have not get anything done..all not prepared
I just hate it..
We are supposed to do our own and i am fine with that but i still got some disagreements
The other home econs class..the teacher let them look at the recipe book and let them buy drinks from the canteen..
So good lor..
Never mind i dont wish to be so angry over this

Today go to school..as usual..me and fatin went out to eastpoint yesterday..we talk a lot
Well school was fine…
During guitar, we got new guitars and we are happy..finally not need to bring guitar anymore
But i am just quite disappointed in the end when 1 senior say that we shouldnt get it..
Oh well..that is their thinking ..i cannot stopm it
Mayb its true but so wat? it is not as if we are so hopeless…………………………


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