Hi people, i am back!!

Didnt really update cause i forgotten the password so sorry!
Oh well today was my guitar performance for assembly..so i was very confident..while playing..my hands tremble a bit..haha
I didnt want it to happen but it just happen,,,,,
The last time i wrote this past was about my friendship with shimin..right?
So now it was back to normal..square one again..
Oh well but i made a new friend through her..a guy named zhai wei
He was a ex-lysian..now back as a relief teacher
Shimin was crazy over him..during the beginning..now not so bad..

Now i hate home econ……i really hate it..this thursday or friday..i have the practical test
And must be done by one person only…sian la
But i hope it is not this week because i am not prepared..and some more this friday..sports day!
Oh well i suddenly feel that time passes so fast..suddenly sports day come
For PE, i was in a team where winning may not be possible..but it proves itself that it can win
We won other teams..and credit should go to jia xin..who scores almost all the points
i just write anything that comes to my mind..haha
Just now me and fatin and shimin go buty cheese fries..then shimin go tution
So both of us chit chat and walk around..halfway we saw one game machine that we used to play..then we play for a few times..
And got some prizes..nothing to see

Now my dad and auntie in shanghai ever since from last week….dad for business.auntie for shopping
They will be back 7 days from now…………………
So currently i am living with my grandparents..they very pamper me 

Talking about that i suddenly think about my class notice board competition..i spent a few hours with other class mates trying to decorate it
And i hope that it will get 1st cause it is really nice..
Anyway i shall end here..wanna do my own things..ok bye


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