Hi people!Haha yesterday was Good Friday so…

 Hi people!

Haha yesterday was Good Friday so went for service at the Riverboat …so of course it was in a boat
So when pastor want everyone to close their eyes..i cant
Cause i would fall down anytime..the service was nice..
Lunch was buffet..ate with some small children..haha it was fun sitting with them..
Basically everything was alright and peaceful
Well i suddenly have the urge to tell my results..not showiing off
But this type of results is very rare for me..

English: 70.0 A2
Chinese: 66.0 B3
Maths: 50.0 C6( thank you miss phua)
Science: 73.0 A2
History: 85.3 A1
Literature: 78.0 A1
Home econ: 70.0 A2
Art : 65.0 B3 ( FINALLY PASS ART!)

Remarks: Zoe is a mature, serious and hardworking student who is very intelligent. She will do very well if she continues to work as hard as this term.

Now i will focus on improving my english, maths and science.


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