Can u imagine a person admitting that she i…

 Can u imagine a person admitting that she is a two-faced bitch!!
And some more she is my good friend! and the person is shimin!!

I was shocked..i just tell her that fara say that some people in our class are two-faced bitch..
I was upset..ok i know sometimes she gossip bad things about me..i mean that is fine..but that word just scare me!
Well what does she take me for? this question was on my mind when she said that
But i am not going to say is simply upsetting..i was can she say that of herself?
Today go to school..went foyer…sat with shimin..she was talking to her friend and was waiting for zhai wei
Just nice fatin came when i sat down..then we started talking
Halfway they decided to go canteen to take their bags..but i thought qian ying say something like go to canteen and sit there
So me and fatin followed them then they were surprised and told us that they were merely collecting their bags..
But i wanted to sit there then shimin angry..then i was like fine lor..
Then we all went back foyer and sit down..then i go buy drink in canteen
Soon it was time to assemble and fatin and i stand up and was walking slowly..shimin was still sitting down]
I was worried that she might just so fast angry and then think that i was the one who ask fatin to go off without her
When we reached our place to assemble, we both sat down first..then qian ying why we pangseh them..
To me it is half half..clearly we walk off first but then was walking slowly..but then never  mind

Sat down and we recieved some chinese newspapers..shimin was still a bit angry
But by the time when we need to stand for the national anthem..she was not angry anymore
After all the singing..we sat down and our principal started talking..he talked about his life and wat lessons should we learn from him..success come to those who have the right attiude
Soon first lesson came..chinese..i was like oh no because chinese teacher got come and that we will know our exam results
So when teacher came to our class..i was nervous and ask her whether i pass a not..AND I PASS!
I was totally surprised by that fact and really..i did pass..31/50
Teacher say that she was super lenient when she marking out paper..ya almost all teachers say that..
After chinese was history..history teacher didnt come for the whole 1 hour..
And what is even more werid is that she was in school..dont tell me she forget? but well everybody was doing their own things
No one seems to care that there is no teacher…haha
We went for early recess after that..sat with shimin, fatin, qian ying, yunfei and zhai wei
So that was my first time talking with zhai wei..well he was a ok guy..easily bullied by people..
We chatted happily and then it was time for maths..go through 1 question on exam paper and learn factorisation
Lit was next and we did a worksheet..soon it was english and we did a journal
Then shimin meeting zhai wei..i go with her and he was in the staffroom..chatted with him
Met a few friends then we go outside school..say bye to zhai wei and shimin friend as they lived very near 

Then we walk through the carpark and then traffic light..that time the drrizling me and shimin rush to the bus stop
While fatin was walking slowly behind..haha
Saw some friends and my chinese teacher..bought a drink
Then i chatted with shimin and fatin..i cant remember what i protest about but then fatin says that this is her character..oh well
Bus come..go up and then we sit in the upper deck
Shimin sat with fatin..i say..oi pangseh me then shimin say was not..but in the end it was true..actions speak louder then words
Then i want to talk i say i heard fara say that there is some people that are two-faced bitch
Then shimin say she was one of them..then she also talk about me to fatin
I was upset not because she talk bad about me..but the confession that she say
Sometimes i dont really know what is her thinking..i just wish i can understand her more
I hope she is reading this


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