Good evening…even though it is lateI know…

 Good evening…even though it is late

I know that i had not be updating a lot..cause i was lazy..or simply for other reasons
So well i will tell you what happened yesterday as well as today.


First day of school! But i wasnt so excited. In fact i was getting used to waking up late in the morning.
But now got to get used to the hetic schedule of waking up at 5! Arrgh! So woke up at 5 and do all i needed to do 
By 6.10, i went out and walked to the bus stop..took bus and go to school
Reached school..go and find shimin..found her talking to her friends in the to her
Then as usual, we will gather at the parade square..found fatin and we sat down
Got our newspaper and read it during the reading period..

First lesson was CD..i wasnt that we are learning how to make website
Miss Yong, our IT trainer taught us how to make pages and the way she teach is like we are babies..haha
But that i am fine with it..
Second lesson was PE: Oh no have to play netball with team again….
We warm up by learning how to pass the ball and by running as well
Soon team battle begins..the first team we VS was Mel team..we draw
It was a close fight because we met some strong people over there..
Then we VS another team..Qian Ying team
Well we won them was good..2 wins and a draw
But halfway through the game, qian ying quarrel with de wei..these 2 all the time like that
After that was recess..shimin mood at the beginning was not good because of some misunderstandings
But towards the was good and lively
Lit was next and we got back our test results
I was highest 41/50..and of course everyone boo me..i am starting to treat these as a cheer..haha
Think Positive! haha
After lit was english..we did corrections for our paper 
Followed by science…
The whole class pass with a few people faling it..
Highest was 34/50
I got 30..just a A1 but overall it is A2
After that go home…
Saw my youngest uncle at home..he helping to set up maper account for my sis
And playing as well..
I was quite irriated as he used com for many hours..
After that went home
The rest of that day..was watching tv

Today was fine ..i fail maths
The whole class fail maths except for 2 persons…1 boy and 1 girl
i was thinking what will happened if i kana kicked out of the house.haha
No la this wont happen! Never!


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