Well well yesterday i went to city harvest …

 Well well yesterday i went to city harvest church..the service was terrific
Why?? the service was nice and we got a guest preacher from australia..
His name was Rev.Dr Phil Pringle

He was a very successful person..you will be stunned by his achievements
Let me tell you his achievements..
Founder/senior ministeer of Christian City Church, a mega ministry that incorrporates a top-grade academic school, five bible colleges, a television ministry, a publishing house, the world-famous School of Creative Arts and a christian record company.
Also a president of Christian City Church International, a movement of 150 churches with an active membership of 100,000, spreading throughout the Asia Pacific region, Europe and North Amercia.

I was absolutely stunned by this..how did he do that? Just a human being can accomplish so many things!
When he first started to preach yesterday, he made some jokes..haha and soon it was down to serious things
He mentioned some things that are useful to me..like
When we go through big trials, that means our spirit are able to go through it and emerge victorious and we also attain a higher level of anointing- something that no human being vcan acheive though hard work.
And we should be postitve when we faced trials, putting our trust in God.
He also mention a lot of things which are good and towards the end of the service, he healed some people though God
I was inspired by him.

When i was going home, i encounter a big black dog.
At first i thought it was about to bite me, but no
I blocked its way, so i just step aside to let the dog go
Thank God

Today i go chuch, my current church..we have a guest speaker
He spoke to us about psalm 23
It was a nice service
I cant type much as i gtg so bye


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