hi everyone,I am currently blogging now as …

 hi everyone,

I am currently blogging now as you can see, today i am going to write what i did in details so get ready for a long post!

This morning, my dad sent me to school for guitar lessons, reached there quite early at 8.30am
Saw a lot of npcc, band people over there..npcc got camp from today till thursday.
Saw shimin, talk to her a bit.. then go for guitar
During guitar i realised that only 3 guitar 1 members are there, including me
And that means we will have to play louder, i think i play very loud…i am not boasting but it is true.
And if i make any mistakes, it is very obivous.
But thank God, we actually changed back into our old groups because of the songs..ands i back into guitar 2
We played a few songs over and over again which made me super bored..aiming for perfect
Break came fast and i went down to first level to find shimin
Chit chatted with her a bit and went back to guitar..
Continue playing our old songs till 12..i also learn a new song by myself too!
Realised that it is raining..i called my dad and ask him to fetch me and also my friend..he agreed.
Then mdm maiza came in and ask us to pack up the chairs..so i did..
Soon we gathered around her and she started talking about a lot of things like attendence and who is in the dangerous zone of being dropped out of the cca.Time passed very fast and i get even more worried cause i am afraid that my dad had reached the school and was waiting for me and my friend.
then after a while one of my malay friend requested to go off first..and i decided to go as well..quickly rushed out..
But my dad is not around, called him
And i got a scolding..he said that he had been touring round the school many times and even called my friend hp which no one picked up..i apologised and he said that i have to go home by myself as he is fetching my sis.
Instead of taking a bus, i took a cab home so that i wont be late.
Reached home, and kept my guitar and changed..
Then eat lunch, i greeted everyone to eat lunch including my dad who actually stepped out of the room to scold me
I explained to him the reasons..i knew that i was at fault
His scolding is quite bad, and he use some bad words towards the end..now he is at fault
He is not supposed to use bad words no matteer how bad the situation was..
He scolded people and now he is doing the same..
Well i was not angry but i just gave him a cold attiude for a few hours..from the time got scolding until after the photo taking in a studio.
Went to studio..wait for a while..and i went for make-up
The make-up artist talked to me while she was applying make-up on me
the make-up took quite a long time and finally i am done.
By then, everyone was already taking photos and i was the last one
When it was my turn to take photo, i was a bit nervous
The photographer ask me to smile and i manage to put on a little bit..i just dont know why
The shooting was done and we were bought to a room where we viewed our photos
Mine confirmed was the ugliest..everyone could smile while i could not..
When we were done, we went to a nearby new shopping mall..food mall cause a lot of food
Indeed almost everywhere was food..after a long while touring the mall..we went for dinner
I ate hamburger steak with fried egg and it was my first time trying!
The food was ok and i was full
After that we went home, i watched tv and took a shower and here i am.
Okok that was a long post..tomorrow i will go library..


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