i JUST went for guitar so..tiringWoke up at…

 i JUST went for guitar so..tiring
Woke up at 7.20..changed and then go school..
Reached school..realised that i am  one of the first few ones to reach even though it is 8.43..supposed to start at 9
Miss amy open the performance theatre for us..go in do our usual stuff
I am quite lazy to talk aboout what i did in school..

Let me write about other things..
These days teenagers need is moral encouragement..but it seens that parents dont really give them that need
I mean only some..i dont belong to that some
Nowdays teenagers are difting away from their parents is because parents really didnt understand them
I am not blaming parents..i mean if they actually made a effort to try to understand ..that is good
teenagers also have a part to play..so if everyone plays their part..
No quarrels will happen…

The world is turning upside down..bad regarded as cool..good regarded as nerdy
I mean in schools..if you study a lot and dont really hang out with friends..
You will be left out..and soon you become a nerd
I wonder who created this word?
I mean everyone are human beings..and if because there are nerds..and you think that you are better than them
I can tell you that you are not..in fact you are potraying a side of yourself that is so selfish
People may like you for that..but who knows? Maybe you will not stay cool forever..
The phrase’put yourself in other people shoes’ is a good and meaningful pharse
It is not asking you to change shoes
It is actually wanting you to put yourself in their situation? what will you do if you were them//
You can make up all the easy solutions..but will you be able to carry it out?
I have no right to judge anyone..cause i know that i am imperfect
The only person whom can judge everybody is God
He is perfect..
Dont judge…but just imagine what would you do if you are in their shoes
Encouragement is all it needs


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