Now let me tell you what we did on thursday….

Now let me tell you what we did on thursday..

Woke up at 4.45am cause i saw some girls waking go and bathe at around 5
The water was super cold sia! haha
From the time after i  bathe to 7, i was talking with shimin andd fatin
Gathered in the hall, i was still sleepy..the GL did some cheers but no mood for me
Later go down to canteen for breakfast and you know what?
It was curry puff with other nice food
Seriously i can say that breakfast is the best meal! 🙂
After breakfast, gathered in the hall..go to our cip groups..for CiP..i was in 1c
And my CIP Teacher was MISS PHUA! hahaha
She told us that we will be going to spastic children assciation and warn us not to laugh at them..oh well dont laugh
Go up the bus..then go there
Reached there, first impression the buliding was nice..everything..
And then we were spilt up into different groups to go to different places..i went to the workshop
Did some hands on things like tearing off the bar code from the pen cause bar code was wrong
Then miss phua want some to go to interact with the i went
And met a guy..he was 29, birthday 27 jan, hobbies: watching channel 5..hahaha know so much about him
Interact with him a bit and it was break time!
Break time..miss phua gave a short briefing..then i go to a room
We were supposed to perform on front of the people..but we were not too sure
So we clap a bit  and dance a bit
Soon we go back to lunch at foyer..i have no appeite

Afternoon was quite boring..did some cheers..halfway a GL cried cause cannot control our group
Then we go for the amazing race in our first no team spirit cause its like so boring
But in the end we managed to came in first :0
Once again gathered and we do even more cheers..and my group was super hyper!
We were all ready for the campfire!
Then after the cheers, go bathe and then eat dinner..dinner was ok
Followed by gathering in the parade square where the campfire was held
There was intense competition among all the groups and it was fun
Teachers were invited to dance as well..and this even became more fun
Due to the cheers, i have lost my voice..haha
After that  was supper followed by sleeping
we were told that we can sleep in the tents.and everyone was happy..
Slept in tents ans i made some new friends

Friday was cheering and we won THE BEST GROUP!
Haha and do you want to know what is our present? Bread la..hahha
Everyone was grumbling when they realised that it as bread
Overall this year camp was ok, it is just that we didnt get to enjoy certain actitives
My group was a peaceful group, no quarrels 

Actually during cip, i admire the parents cause even though they know that their children is going to end up like that
They never give up! 
Like me i have live without a handphone for a week! haha 
Yeah and let us have a cheerful look on our faces as we hope for a better tomorrow!


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