Camp is finally over and now…..holidays!
No no no i have guitar practise on  Monday and Tuseday…lalala
Oh ya..sorry guys for suddenly ending the last post without any proper ending..cause i talking to my friend..
You cant expect me to type and talk at the same time..especially if the phone is not cordless\
Well i am super duper ready to type everything 3! 2! 1!..START!

Go to school a bit earlier to meet my friend cause she boring
Reached school, rush to the canteen and you know what? They were not there at all!
SO i used the public phone to call but she never picked it up
so went back to the canteen and saw her..then we started talking
Halfway while talking in the foyer, we saw miss phua and followed her to the staffroom
Waited for her and also talk to teachers that walked pst us
When she finally came out, i thanked her for giving us the chance to have conversation with other teachers

Gather in the hall.. talked to wee ting and jasmine
Then we pitch up the tents and gather in groups of 6..
After we put up the tents and do what we needed to do, we do some  cheers
Halfway through the boys were scolded..for not being coperative
Then we started to get a bit hyper

After this was lunch..ate outside the bookshop
The food was generally ok./
Then we did some cheers and go up the bus for our maths trail and beach games
Reached there..gather in groups of 5 and soon we started
Halfway through it started raining and we ran back into the shelter
In the shelter..we talk and take some was fun
Some people were very wet cause got no girl dropped her specs halfway
And i lent my umbrella to her..
Got into a bus and travel back to school..i was certain that there will e no beach games
It was true and basically we were just in the hall ..
In the hall, the camp commandent said that they try to save all the bags from the tents
And if we cannot find our bags..that means our bags are still in the tents and it will be very wet
But then for me it didnt happen coz my tent is the nearest to the gate
Collected our bags and put into a classroom,,
Time for us to bathe but i dont want cause i dont really feel any sweat..gather in the hall
Dinner was right after this and we ate..
Nightwalk came and all of us must be order to bulid up our self-confidence
It was not so scary coz i can peep into the hole..haha
Suppertime was next and we ate green bean soup..
Wash up and sleeping time!
I couldnt really sleep cause excited and also some people just squeeze into my space
Then at night was so cold..i sleeping directly under the fan..
Tomorrow then i post about thursday


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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 10:35:24

    Heyhey.. Miss phua again?? Haha.. Jkin jkin.. Hope u have a gd time in camp… Sorry i will feel abit high when i saw their names.. 🙂


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