Second day of camp!

Oh man! My arm is aching all over..

Today was a fine and wet and maybe funny day??
Woke up at 5am, halfway packing my things when i realised that my packing list is lost!
Was panicking and was trying every ways to find it…but to no avail..
So i decided to call jasmine..but i also was scared that i may wake her up….but in the end i call..
This is a no choice situation cause i tomorrow staying over in school already..
Called her and a small sweet voice answered..ask her to bring and she say she will..
SO i took with me a hope to school..wore a shirt and jeans to school

Reached school..saw fatin and shimin..
They say that i cannot wear i changed to pe shorts..
So due to bad weather..gather in the our groups
Look around, didnt see sagiri..haix
Ate bread..waited for almost 1 hour..for our bus to go fort siloso
Went there..alighted and we wait for our hippo bus..
the hippo bus at the upper deck there is no shelter..but we still went up and sat even though we knew its wet
Alighted and go buy food..

After that our journey…started.boring at all..
Somemore have to carry close
i lazy….


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