First day of camp!

Hi people, actually want to blog more yesterday but no chance..
but then not very important so never mind………

Today is the first day of camp! And of course my second day living without a handphone!
Haha i dont really care much about it anymore..
I was really excited about the camp that i took a bus earlier than my usual bus and go to school..
Rush to the canteen and sat with shimin and some friends..started talking..
After that we went to the foyer to look around..saw a lot of upper sec
Then move to the parade square which i saw wee ting and i started chatting with them..
Soon as usual, sat down in our classes..Miss Ruth take attendence..ask her which group she taking and it is 1a
After the singing of national anthem and the pledge, move to the hall!

Move to our respective groups..and i sat with sagiri, wee ting and jasmine
We chit chat a bit…and then our camp commandant talkk to us
The first thing that they did is to check our attire..and of course those who didnt wear proper attire was scolded….
Sian lol first thing is to scold..
Then the cheers started..i was trying to be hyper..indeed i was..
But then the leaders didnt plan properly so not hyper..later we got a bun and we ate

Went to the basketball court..played some games..
They were fun..
During break me and sagiri went to change…
Cause it was raining, we went back to the hall
Were scolded by the leaders for being slow..and then scold us for not being hyper enough
I was like,’ we follow you leh, you all not hyper enough of course we also kana affected lah’.
Then we stayed in the hall for a while and then eat lunch..
Lunch time, i sat with Miss Ruth..and then we were talking about the JI terriost who escaped a few days ago…
And then Miss Ruth was thinking what will happen if there is a bomb in MRT train, schools and everywhere..
I stopped her, cause she is thinking too much, i even tell her that if this were to occur one day..i will find her
After lunch, wait at the foyer for the bus..chatted with sagiri and another friend
Went up the bus and we go to costa sands resort

Reached there, gather together and we were taught by the instructer how to paddle, how to carry the boat
The boat was heavy! 
Soon the instructer ask us to form a circle and move to the was very cold and our shoes were totally wet!
And then we started paddling…sagiri was my partner..
At first it was fun..cause we were going so fast..but then towards the end it was tiring..
Until We dont wish to paddle back into shore…..but we still manage to get back..haha
The first thing that came to my mind was bathing….but cannot
Cause need to put back the boat..and then the bus come also….
SO i bathed in school..
Reached home at about 6.30pm

Tomorrow we will be going to Sentosa…whee
I really hope that Sagiri will have a positive mindset..cause she is not going to be happy at all if she continues like this
Cheer up Sagiri!
Tomorrow will be better than today..i hope


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