I am feeling quite low now because of the t…

 I am feeling quite low now because of the things that happened last night.
Let me tell you what i did yesterday..

Went off to expo mrt to wait for weiling, then she came
We waited for a few friends as well including feng yuan..
When i saw him, he was taller than me by half a head
So we go to hall 1 where the service was held..
Then after about half an hour, the service offically starts

We sang a few songs during the start of the service..after that we sat down..
Then the speaker told us that F.I.R is here in expo and will sing a few songs for us..
I was extremely surprised..haha
So they came on stage and perform..i enjoy the songs..not only me but everybody
After that Pastor Kong came on stage and make jokes with them..like he have not get their autograph yet and they were apologising..
After a few more songs, they finally left..
Pastor Kong then teach us about servanthood..very enriching
He gave some examples from the bible..
Then after his sermen , we had commuion…..
Followed by singing a few songs and offering
Then Pastor Kong request for anyone who choose to believe in jesus and those who realised that they  have backsildden to come up to the front and i went..and pastor prayed for us..
After service i rushed home, took bus 12..cause i haven had dinner yet
Reached home,change clothes and then eat dinner
Watched tv, halfway suddenly my grandmother appear.. i thought she was here to pass some food but i was wrong..
She actually pass my phone bills to my dad..i was scared cause earlier she had called me and tell me that my phone bill was $70plus
Then my dad showed me the $70 bill and scolded me..he say that my grandmother want to cancel the phone and i must pay the bill
I was shocked..not about paying but about canceling my phone
He asked me to pass my phone to him and i refused i say i need to store some information onto my computer
And he allowed me, i was very upset..Handphone has become a part of my life and taking it away is very difficult for me
SO i pleaded with him and he said that if i am a responsible person, he will give it back to me

I was very angry..how can like that??
The thought of my handphone made me furious:(
Really, really i am very angry……
so if anyone were to sms me, i will not know because of my dad……….so call my house

Today i am going to church..
Reason i post this early because i want to pour my feelings here..
Hope that today no bad things happen..


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