I just cant stop posting..so what should i …

 I just cant stop posting..so what should i post??
Let me write about….er………….teachers
I got about..i cant remember how many teachers..like that i make a list

Form/Art teacher: Miss Huda

Miss Huda is also my art teacher last year..and for this year also..
My class dont like her cause she very strict and all the qualites that we teenagers hate..so people make fun of her
Especially about her size…for me i dont really hate her..she is fine
But when she scold people..thats it- the balloon exploded and people hate her..

Co-form/science teacher: Miss Ruth

This teacher is a nice and friendly teacher. And my class like her. She cannot shout cause her voice is not meant for shouting.
My class sometimes bully her..
Overall she is ok 

Maths Teacher: Miss Phua

My class dont really like her. Cause her lessons are boring. She knows that and she is trying to make it more fun.
I am fine with her. She is friendly.

PE teacher: Mr Kho

My class confirm like him. cause he like to make jokes-whcih result in a lot of gossip. A friendly teacher.
He is very good at sports- that y he can teach us la

English teacher: Miss Aishah
Our class like to bully her cause she is too kind. She cannot scold people.really But then it is not too good
Her teaching is really not that good

Literature teacher: Miss Tok
A fun teacher but sometimes boring. So sometimes some people fell asleep like being under her spell like that
I also fell asleep too. haha 

PW7 teachers: Miss Kho and Miss Amy
They are fine cause it is the IT trainer who teach us so no comments needed

I think the rest are Mother Tongue and Home econs teachers. But i need to go off so bbbbbbbye


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