Well today is the 1st of March…
2 more days to camp! talking about that..i started to think about the president star award for teachers..
Actually i want to put in some of my teachers name but i think it is too late

Yesterday i actually wrote a entry and wonder whether you have seen it a not?
never mind if you didnt see it:)

Just now in the morning, i went to eat roti prata with my sister, dad and auntie
Halfway while eating, 2 teenagers came and sat behind us..they were scolding bad words..
My dad say if this was his childeren, he will kill them..
I was like okay, i know i will never end up being like that 2 teenagers
Over the slightest things, they scold bad words..haix

Today in the late afternoon. i will be going back to City Harvest Church..it will be my second time
Decided to go back because the service was good..even though its crowded..
I really wonder..who invented the bad words??
Sometimes when people scold bad words like F***, they dont seen to care about the meaning
Some people think it is cool to scold these type of words..
These whole world is turning upside down already..cannot stop it 
The only thing that i could do is to be a good person


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